Application for Interpreter License - 20-day

Short Term Registration for Interpreting in Arizona

This form allows you to work in the State of Arizona for a maximum of 20 days allowed in a year in a non-legal situation (A.R.S. R9-26-506). For each visit to Arizona, you must inform the Commission to register.

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Please submit a copy of your current RID membership card or license from a government ‘interpreter’ licensing authority. No Driver’s License!

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*Please allow at last 2 weeks' advance notice prior to your arrival or service in Arizona

do not start working until you receive confirmation from the commission


Victoria Vaughn, Interpreter Assessment Coordinator, 100 N. 15th Ave, Suite 104, Phoenix, AZ 85007

Questions: contact Victoria Vaughn at [email protected] - 602-364-0986 V.

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